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Updating Synergy App

How to Update the Synergy App

The Synergy App automatically updates in the background while it is open.

You will receive a notification in the App showing you that there is updated content available.
Clicking YES will restart the App and show you the latest content.
Clicking NO will not restart the App and will show the older content.

If you clicked NO and would like to complete the update, close the App.
- For Apple devices, press the Home Button twice to view all the open apps. Swipe the app to close it.
- For Android devices, press the App Manager button near the home button and swipe to close, or press the X.
Once the App has been closed, re-open the App and the new content should now be available.

If you don't think you received the notification in the App asking you to update, ensure you are connected to WiFi or Cellular Data, close the App, re-open the App and after a couple of minutes you should get a message advising that there is updated content available.

User Accounts

The user account on the Synergy App is different to the user account for the Synergy Members Area.

If you would like to reset your user account for the Synergy App, please fill in the form below.
For the Synergy Members Area, click here to reset Members Area password.

Full Name:(*)
Invalid Input

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Email address used for the App.